Masonry heater kit is a set of high precision pre-cut bricks and stone tiles together with all necessary metal parts and supply materials that can be assembled into a beautiful masonry heater for your home or your sauna.

Assembly process should take no more than one to three days depending on the heater model. Note however, that connection/installation of a chimney should be taken into account as well. It can be either a very straights forward process or more complicated one. It depends if you already have a chimney in your house or not.

The short answer is yes. Assembly process is very straight forward thanks for detailed installation manual and video provided. It can be completed by any adult. However, if you would like to use service of a certified heater mason from your province (state) please contact us and we will refer you to a certified professional in your region. Please remember to comply with your local building code and fire safety regulations.

Chimney installation can be DIY project as well. If you decided to install the chimney yourself, you would have to invite a WETT certified inspector (please see the link to WETT in "Our Trusted Partners" section on the HOME page.) upon completion of your project. An inspector will perform a survey for both your new masonry heater and chimney to confirm compliance with the local building code and fire regulations. This survey can be provided to your insurance company or any local regulators. If you'd like to use service of a certified chimney installer please contact us and we will put you in touch with a professional from your region.

The decision is always yours. Here is a comparison of masonry heater vs. metal stove.

First, a masonry heater is more efficient than any of the metal stove. To keep your masonry heater and your house warm for 12 hours you need to burn just one load of logs (11-13 lbs.). Thus, two load of logs (one in the morning, one in the evening) will keep your masonry heater warm for 24 hours. In contrast, a metal stove stays warm only while logs are burning inside of it.

Second, air quality inside your house will be much better with a masonry heater in comparison with a metal stove. This is due to the temperature difference of the surface of these two type of heaters. Surface temperature of a masonry heater will not rise above 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows to preserve humidity in the air at your house. In contrast, surface temperature of a metal stove will rise fare above this level making air very dry and uncomfortable to breath.

Third. Due to its higher efficiency, a masonry heater emits significantly lower amount of solid particles and carbon dioxide (per unit of generated heat) into the atmosphere. With our masonry heater you can keep you home warm and protect the environment at the same time.

Fourth, but not the last. Our masonry heaters are absolutely gorgeous from our modest opinion :-)

Every masonry heater assembled from our kits will be insured by your insurance company under following conditions:

1. The heater is assembled in strict adherence to your local building code. 

2. The heater and chimney are installed by a certified professional.

3. If you have assembled a masonry heater and installed the chimney yourself you would have to invite a WETT-certified inspector to perform a survey of your new heater and chimney. This survey will be sufficient document for your insurance company to provide you with insurance.

Yes, we do ship all across all North America. Although we have not had many orders from Mexico yet. Please contact us for a shipment rate.