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Volcano Sauna Masonry Heater Kit
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Outdoor Stove Kit
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Yukon Sauna Masonry Heater Kit
  • $9,950.00
Rome Home Masonry Heater Kit
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Siberia Home Masonry Heater Kit
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Outdoor BBQ-Stove kit
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Home masonry heater kits

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"We were the first clients to buy and install the fireplace. It was a great experience through and through - from purchase to installation. Actually, this Russian product arrived earlier and was completed earlier then locally-sourced materials! Cost us one third compared to local alternatives, is elegant and covered by our local insurer. Everyone who visits us is in awe! The fireplace became a conversation piece for visitors and makes us quite proud. On top of this, it is highly efficient as a heating installation: it is a 4-way heater and recuperates most heat from burning wood. We lost power for 22 hours and burned the fireplace - and the house temperature stayed at 19 degrees. I noticed that I use much less wood, and after evening burn - the fireplace is still warm in the morning. Very proud and pleased to be the first owner of Siberia fireplace in North America. And my wallet is happy too!:)"


One the picture:

Patrick Rokas, certified heater mason, member of Masonry Heater Association of North America.

Dmitro Dobrovolskyi, certified mason.

Françoise Vergnas, member of Masonry Heater Association of North America.

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Simple assembly

All masonry heater kits come with detailed assembly instructions. Bricks are precisely cut and marked to insure easy and correct assembly.

On the picture: fragment from assembly instructions of Siberia home masonry heater kit.

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